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Personal Profile of Nova MacCourt


As the sole creator of Game of Planets, Nova MaCourt's journey in the gaming industry has been one of passion, innovation, and relentless pursuit of a vision. From a young age, his fascination with strategy games and science fiction set the foundation for his career. Game of Planets is not just a game; it's a culmination of his lifelong dream to blend strategic depth with the boundless possibilities of the dream of an enjoyable MMORTS.

Professional Journey

Nova's path in the gaming industry began with a deep-rooted love for strategy games and a keen interest in software development. Over the years, he worked on various projects, honing his skills in programming, design, and problem-solving. Game of Planets represents the zenith of this journey, showcasing his ability to single-handedly create a complex, large-scale online web-based strategy game.

Further Development:

The development of 'Game of Planets' allowed the showcasing a wide range of skills:

A Finished Game, Launched

The launch of 'Game of Planets' marked a notable milestone in Nova MacCourt's career, garnering acclaim for its innovative gameplay and captivating players with its immersive universe. This success is reflected in the game's positive reception by players and recognition in indie game forums, highlighting its unique approach and potential in the market. This achievement not only demonstrates Nova's capabilities as a game developer but also presents 'Game of Planets' as an attractive prospect for players, industry recruiters, and potential investors, showcasing the game's potential for growth and profitability in the gaming industry.

Vision and Inspiration

Nova's vision for 'Game of Planets' extends beyond its current success. Inspired by the potential of strategy games to captivate and challenge players, he aims to continually evolve the game, introducing new narratives and gameplay mechanics. His aspiration in the gaming industry is to be at the forefront of game development, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and inspiring fellow developers and gamers alike.

Positioning as an Innovative and Experienced Game Developer

The journey with 'Game of Planets' positions Nova as a versatile and innovative game developer. His experience in managing all aspects of a game's development cycle, from conception to launch, makes him a valuable asset to any gaming project. His dedication to creating immersive and challenging gaming experiences positions him well for roles that require a blend of technical expertise and creative vision.

Early Beginnings and Inspiration

Nova's journey into the world of gaming and game development began with a deep-rooted passion for strategy games and a fascination with creating immersive virtual worlds. Driven by an inherent love for gaming, he started exploring game development out of curiosity, which quickly transformed into a serious pursuit. This early phase was marked by self-teaching, experimentation, and an eagerness to push the boundaries of his creativity and technical skills.

Educational Milestones

After the initial success of 'Game of Planets', Nova decided to formalize his education in software engineering with a focus on game programming. This academic pursuit, following his self-taught success, enriched Nova's understanding of advanced game development techniques, including Unreal Engine, Unity Engine, and VR & Mobile Development. His education complemented his practical experience, deepening his expertise and opening new horizons in game creation.

Game of Planets: A Turning Point

The creation of 'Game of Planets' was a pivotal moment in Nova's career. From the initial concept to its final form, the development journey was filled with challenges, learning, and growth. Nova single-handedly managed all aspects of the game's development, honing his skills in programming, design, and storytelling. This project was not only a demonstration of his capabilities but also a significant learning experience, further shaping his approach to game development.

Technical Expertise and Skills

Nova's technical expertise encompasses a wide range of skills, with a foundation in web application design and development. The success of 'Game of Planets' prior to his formal education highlights his capability in game development. His proficiency now includes advanced tools like Unreal Engine and Unity Engine, further enhancing his skill set and showcasing his adaptability and expertise in various aspects of game development.

Industry Engagement and Contributions

Nova engagement with the gaming community has been an evolving journey. From managing the Discord community for Game of Planets to participating in alpha and beta testing sessions, he has actively sought feedback and collaboration. His constant invitations to make contributions on LinkedIn's articles and other online forums reflect his growing involvement in the gaming industry and hint at the potential he has to further contribute and innovate.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Nova's aspirations in the gaming industry are driven by a desire to continue innovating and pushing the limits of game development. His goals for Game of Planets, alongside his ambitions for the Indie Games Startup Landing Company, reflect a commitment to creating engaging and innovative gaming experiences. His journey so far is just the beginning, and he is poised to make significant contributions to the industry in the coming years.

A Message from Nova MacCourt

"I did this in 12 months by myself. Imagine all I could do if I was to lead a team of highly skilled developers to bring this game to the world market of Steam, in a fully polished fully monetized form."

~ Nova MacCourt